Our Story

Light Visionaries Outreach was founded from a long-time dream to celebrate and embrace the enlightenment of our World, to bring peace and comfort to those who need it, and educate to grow acceptance. We celebrate and embrace all the talents, gifts, and abilities in our world and beyond, for the positive development of our society of souls. We hope to inspire, enlighten, and bring closure. We are not here to replace medical treatment or medical professionals, legal advice or legal professionals, or

de-rail others with similiar gifts. We are simply looking forward to sharing our peace, love, light, and insights with the world. Welcome to Light Visionaries Outreach. Please relax, enjoy, and feel comfort in knowing that you're not alone.

E-mails, comments, and questions from you are welcome as long as they are done with love and an intent of light. We will try to answer private message questions, when and if the information presents itself to us.

Welcome, Sweet Friends.  Upon growing up a Psychic and Medium, becoming certified in Reiki healing, and experiencing all the benefits of mineral stones, organic products, and various other elements of natural living, my life-long dream was to create a place where, without judgment, people could experience this comfort, calm, closure, and learn creatively.  All of us have had life experiences that help to define us and our belief systems.  Here at Light Visionaries Outreach, we look forward to providing you with not only a listening ear and guidance from "Above," but also the educational tools you need to validate, understand, decode, and appreciate your experiences.  With our souls full of gratitude, we are glad you are here.

Sharing Love, Light, and Peace,