Only at Light Visionaries Outreach

Here at Light Visionaries Outreach we offer some exclusive services to offer some unique, ultra-personal experiences.  Below are explanations of some of the services we offer.  New services are added often, so please check back soon.


Reiki- An ancient healing art to relax, de-stress, center, calm, heal, and clear energy blockages in the body using hand positions on and above the body.  Those receiving Reiki lay clothed on a massage table and simply relax.  Here at Light Visionaries Outreach we practice Usui Reiki, the oldest and most well-known form of Reiki.

Reiki with Himalayan Salt Stones- Reiki as described above, including purifying, relaxing Himalayan salt stones placed on the body during the session.

Reiki Massage- A healing experience integrating therapeutic Swedish massage techniques in addition to your Reiki session.

Intuitive Reiki-  A Reiki session where intuitive messages are shared during your session.

Intuitive Reiki Massage- A Reiki session including both massage and intuitive messages.

Readings-  Here at Light Visionaries Outreach, our Readings are a combination of both a general and departed reading at the same time.  If loved ones present themselves in Spirit form, we will relay their messages, in addition to your general reading.  We take pride in our private, uplifting, personal readings here at LVO.

Color Light Therapy (Independently or with a Partner)-  Comfortably recline, relaxing with hot tea or bottled water, and mineral-infused color healing lamps refill and boost your energy centers of your body.  A relaxing total body experience.

Light Therapy for Pain Relief-  LED lights applied to areas of pain or discomfort to inspire healing deep from within the layers of muscle, bone, skin, and organs; outward.  These pain-free sessions are done by simply lying down or reclining.

Acupressure Mat Sessions-  Lie down while seeing some ocean or galaxy peaceful visuals, accessing thousands of acupressure points on the mats to align, relax, and remove pain from nerves and areas of the body.  

Aromatherapy Steams-  Recline or lie flat while relaxing and inhaling aromatherapy oils or mineral salts.  For use to promote clear breathing, relaxation, energization, and restoring health, all while softening and hydrating skin.